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Lauren’s Yoga journey started 6 years ago when she took her first class. Originally, she started practicing yoga as a way to improve her flexibility and supplement her fitness routine. Soon Lauren @laurenlydiafitness realized that she had gained so much more than flexibility. She had gained a deep connection along with an understanding of her body that resided with her well off her mat. Upon this realization Lauren @laurenlydiafitness was hooked on practicing yoga. She continued her yoga exploration by taking the YogaWorks 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2017, learning many different styles of yoga as well as the yogic philosophy.

With the encouragement, love, and support of her yoga family, Lauren began to teach yoga. She quickly began to discover that she thoroughly enjoyed encouraging others to discover and/or deepen their personal practices.

“Expect a yoga class that is fun, at times challenging, breath centered, free of judgments and competition with an eclectic arrangement of poses. I look forward to being a part of your yoga journey… see you on the mat!”.

💕 we are so grateful you joined the tribe!


Sissy is not only a Yoga instructor but also a Mathematics and Biology teacher. Yoga was a longtime passion of hers often whispering to her to pursue with earnest. Practicing since the 80’s and earning her 200 hour certification was just a start. Since then she has studied yin yoga and most recently how yoga benefits the immune system. Practicing and sharing the practice of yoga gives her an inner peace and an urge to shout out loud with joy! Yoga gets Sissy through the rough times and helps me celebrates the good times.
“Life is a journey and the tools yoga provides are what keeps me going back to my mat. Sharing poses, flows and breath work inspires me. I learn something new every time I practice! Always expanding my yoga vision, now I am pursuing how yoga benefits the immune system”.

She enjoys being in nature hiking and ridding horses.

So cool getting to know you and NOW you are part of this UNIQUE family ! 🙏🏼


Shortly after graduating from college, Kate Flewelling discovered yoga and began practicing vinyasa daily. She fell in love with the practice and decided to pursue her 200-hour Teacher Training at Charm City Yoga in Baltimore, Maryland.

Kate completed her certification in 2017 and has been instructing yoga since. She teaches yoga because she believes in the practice and the many benefits it has to offer. She challenges herself to create an inviting class environment, where students have the ability to feel part of a community, as well as experience the advantages of the practice.

“Something about me, I am a gymnast and I will obtain my MBA this summer”. Believe it or not Kate works in the financial industry.

She looks forward to seeing you on your mats!


Renee began practicing 10 years ago. It wasn’t love at first practice, but she kept coming back because she knew it was good for her. Realizing the positive effects it was having off her mat, she took teacher training 5 years ago to delve deeper. She’s been teaching ever since, passionately sharing yoga in approachable and fun ways. The gift she hopes her students take away from class is what yoga has given her: becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. She encourages students to trust themselves and leads them safely through a vinyasa practice that will leave them feeling grounded and strong.


Mary discovered yoga in 2003 when a traumatic event left her homeless. A friend took her in, and Mary found the stash of VHS yoga tapes. Imitating the poses led her to seek teachers, study the philosophy, and grow her practice. She has used yoga to navigate her PTSD, infertility, increase fitness, and hone gratitude.

After over a decade of sharing practice with friends, coworkers and family, she decided to make it official. She took advantage of the early part of pandemic lockdown and completed her 200 hour certification and an additional course on Yoga for Anxiety. She sees sharing yoga as an opportunity to advocate the necessity of self care and self acceptance.

Mary is a mom of two, an author, and business owner. An avid runner, she races long distance road and trail events; she credits her lack of injuries to yoga. In her classes Mary utilizes vinyasa, hatha, yin and meditation to support the body and mind. She seeks to encourage and uplift her students safely, and authentically, as they realize their own inner bad ass, on and off the mat.


Patricia AKA Peca 🧘‍♂️❤️

Patricia found the LOVE of YOGA 7 years ago when she could not move due to a herniated disk. The doctor gave her a GREAT advice, which Patricia kept ever since… Practice Yoga… “Yoga will help heal your back with stretching, movement and breathing work”.

She immediately fell in love with this practice. In 2017 she got her 200 hours certification, following a Kid Yoga certification a year later. In her own words Patricia says “Yoga has been my best medicine and friend. Through this practice I have found the purpose of life and what it means to live in a space of bliss”.

In 2020, she launched Peca Love Yoga Center and beyond. It was very tough when she had to close the doors due to COVID-19. Peca Love opened back again July 1st. Patricia keeps trusting the process each and everyday. Her dream is to build a community where we all can manifest living the preset moment: practicing Yoga, Coffee, Tea, conversations and transformation.